About Yitao
Seeking development through technology and seeking benefits through management
  • Company Profile
    Zhejiang Yitao Electromechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing generator panels, electrical appliances, carbon cans and other products. It is one of the leading startups in China in the production of control panels with comprehensive specifications. For many years, adhering to the business theory of "survival through quality, development through technology, efficiency through management, and winning customers through reputation", after years of continuous technological innovation and equipment innovation, we have developed good product design, mold development, and manufacturing capabilities and continuously explored and advanced, establishing a modern enterprise management system. The company adheres to the entrepreneurial spirit of continuous exploration and innovation, and is willing to cooperate with you wholeheartedly with advanced technology, high-quality products, moderate prices, and better services to create brilliance together
  • Development Concept
    Zhejiang Yitao Electromechanical Co., Ltd. regards innovation as the foundation of its development. It not only requires technological innovation, but also innovation in products, markets, management, and concepts. Innovation is also the driving force for the development of Boye Company, and the foundation of innovation is to be down-to-earth in achieving it. To continuously meet and exceed the needs of users in terms of technology, products, and services, companies and employees must constantly surpass themselves and pursue excellence
  • Service Idea
    We advocate creating value for our customers, and customer satisfaction is our goal
Product Center
Yitao challenges the peak of electronics, constantly pursuing the perfection you want, and providing you with trustworthy choices